Autumn 2021 Art Wonderers


Hi there.  Amazing to think the online course, "Drawing with the Wondering artist" is now into its 6th year! With the added spin-off of quite a few Art Wonderers returning to the course, it has become so much more than a drawing course. The Art Wonderers gather, from a multiplicity of spaces around the globe.  Each group of Wonderers uses the grid to get off the grid, to wonder, explore and make stuff together. The course takes on a life and energy of its own fuelled by the curiosity, input and mutual support of everyone there.

Interested?  I am launching the Autumn 2021 course right now so get in touch.

3 Principles to live by for 6 weeks:
 Risk,  play,  enjoy
Bring a willingness to change your perspective, look at things from new viewpoints.
Be prepared to fail often. Make mistakes and know how NOT to avoid them.

Play and display
Here is a non-judgmental space where you can share ideas and the work you are doing when you feel ready to do so. In your Wonderers group you will receive the benefits of a personal art teacher AND a small group workshop drawn from an international community.
Once a week, a Skype session of approximately 45-60 minutes will be arranged for the group.
In addition to the group chat, I will be available once a week for a half-hour Skype session just for you.
Here you are free to discuss anything that might have come up for you in the week’s project, or in your creative journey.
 A Whatsapp group for sharing ideas or images is also a possibility.  

Above all have fun!
Take half an hour out your day, turn off your phone, ignore your emails…just for you to PLAY! This course is NOT about painstaking pencil drawing, or creating perfect likenesses. This course is about getting back to the childlike joy of having fun with different and sometimes messy materials.  

You need to dedicate half an hour a day for play or the equivalent over the course of a week (with one day off if you like). 

Each week I will send you a project inspired by the work of a few artists:

Week one: Talismans of Joy. How to think on paper. Cut and paste. Inspired by "The Red Wheelbarrow" by William Carlos Williams. 
Week two: Soup it up! How to fast forward failure.  (inspired by Andy Warhol’s soup can series, Basquiat and Banksy among others.)
Week three: Colour your world (Matisse, Morandi, Frankenthaler)
Week four: Find the elf in the wall (Marlene Dumas, Cecily Brown, Gerhard Richter, Lee Krasner)
Week Five: Dream on (Louise Bourgeois, Miro, Bill Viola)
Week Six: To love and to cherish (Frida Kahlo, Grayson Perry)

Special offer for the relaunch 16 October 2021 : 300 USD

Limited spaces available.